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[Discussion] New heroes O.P. ?!?

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Posted on 7/22/19 12:20:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I’ve been playing this Game from the beginning. I’ve spent countless hours playing not to mention thousands of dollars to build my heroes. I’ve been ranked number 1 in arena and my current might is almost 200,000 . I haven’t played in over a year because I couldn’t keep up with new heroes coming out every month. Yesterday I tried to play every game mode with ZERO Success ! My double evolved heroes die in ONE SHOT as soon as the mode starts! I can’t win one battle in any mode . Are the new heroes that O.P. ?!?!  How can anyone say this is f.t.p any any way? I e pent over 5k here and I play because I’ve been away for a while. Not cool at all!!! I should e able to work with what I already have! Any suggestions out there?

Posted on 7/23/19 1:27:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Naturally the newer heroes are stronger,  but there are additional buffs such as Wardens, Destiny, equipment, enchantments, Skins  and Break-Throughs that make the heroes stronger, so absolutely you can work with year old heroes,  but you will definitely have to work on buffing them  up.  You will want to grab a couple of the newer heroes also.


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