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[Discussion] Seriously??

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Look at you, mister "I got games", seems like we've found a pretty huge rip-off. We all know what I'm talking about. I know, Clash of Clans was just a copy of Backyard Monsters, but only a few people were playing that game anymore and updates were rare. But what comes then? Castle Clash.
Seriously? Like, I'm almost out of words!  What were you thinking?! Castle Clash? Your company might aswell change the name to "The Clash of the Clans", since it's such a terrible game anyways! What were you thinking?! Don't you understand that this company's reputation is going down the drain? "Castle Clash" has the EXACT same gameplay mechanics as CoC has. I just can't believe that this trash even gets released on the App Store. Oh, and there's MICROTRANSACTIONS????? You're going to suck the peoples money out of their wallets for such a horrible game aswell? Alright, this is just stupid. Just take my piece of advice: Give your customers the money back and make the game disappear. Feel free to comment anything, or ask anything. Just so you know, this project was a waste of time and might end up hurting yourself more than it helped you. That was my honest opinion.

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Simple answer is. If you don't like it, you are free to not play it.

It has over 6,000,000 downloads and brings in revenues well over $500,000. That, in my opinion is a successful application even if it starts to die out.
Clash of Clans does not have towers that can be upgraded to different cannons, it does not have a Hero Altar, it does not have boss battles, it does not have Griffins/Centaurs, etc, it does not have arena battles.

So please, tell me how it is an exact copy?

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This is much more in depth then clash of clans ever will be. Castle clash is my new addiction!! Keep it up!!

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Just want to point out..castle clash also doesn't have boss battle

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I like this better than coc n a few others coc sucks mostly cause there all about gettin people's money I spent more resources attackin someone then what I got coc was a rip the only way u got ahead in that game is if u spent ur own money this game just needs to fix all the bugs it has sides that its a good game I'd recommend it

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