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[Guild] [IOS] Heroes_Wrath actively recruiting!

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Posted on 5/4/17 11:03:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild: Heroes_Wrath (IOS)

Might Requirement: Ideally looking for 75k+ Might but willing to take anyone wanting to grow! We want to get as close or to max guild we are at 30/75

Guild Status: We currently need to upgrade our guild Turf and spells!

Guild Rank: 666 currently  

Donations: As of now we do require 500 shards weekly this is a requirement until we max out turf and spells!

Guild Communications: LINE app is a requirement due to past of not being able to reach players in game!

Boss 3- 20:00 Server Time
Boss 5 does not have a set time! When people start requesting Boss5 leadership will designate a time

Torch: (optional participation)

Guild War: MANDATORY. All players must use all 5 attempts , as of now there is no score requirement If you miss without giving notice to guild leadership, you will be let go.

Fortress Feud: 20:00-2100 Server Time. Highly Recommended! All high might players(from 80-200k) do participate

Mesa 4, Lava 3, and Wretched Gorge 3,4 in teams and by mutual arrangement between players via Line. Base set ups and hero requirements to participate and WIN in Lava available to guild members via Line.

Hi guys,

We are a laid back group of serious players that are looking for friendly and active players to join our guild. We have a great community on Line with many long time players that are willing to give their time to help you grow.If you are looking for a serious guild join us today. Questions? Please contact Snake970 or iideleteriouz or via LINE app