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[Guild] [iOS] SGClashLover - Top 130-150 Guild Helping you Grow

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Posted on 6/18/19 9:35:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Clashers,

SGClashlover is a 5+ year old guild who has many experienced players and mentors. We have a 99.8% win rate in GW and a 90+% win rate in FF.

We are looking for active players who would participate in GW and donate to sentinels.

We prefer players whose might correspond to the muscle they can flex. The higher your might, the more muscle you can flex in FF. The lower your might, the more muscle you can flex in GW - taking on targets 2-3x your might. We do not want might boosters. We accept members even as low as 8k might.

What you can benefit from being in our guild?

If you are lower in might, we help in carrying you in lava and IS. We have many experienced players and mentors that can help you in advising in hero builds and get better in different game modes.

You can also reap rewards from torch battles, boss battles and FF just by participating.

We do FF at 0400 and 1200hrs alternatively.

We are very strict on GW participation. If you do not participate, we would kick you out of the guild.

We also require you to have LINE chat for the guild to communicate.

If you fit our criteria and would like to contribute, please look for LINE id : jeffgood88 and mercifu