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[Guild] Some guild info for you guys

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Posted on 11/19/13 4:08:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Just figured I would drop by the ios forums and see how guilds were progressing over here :-D a few things I figured I would pass on, I doubt they will change from android to ios but its possible so don't take it as for sure.

First off the boss. You pay 50 shards to start him and he resets every day with the rankings, so at midnight. And you only get hb as a reward. 500 for participating and extra if you are in the top 10 damage dealers. But the boss has to die in 30 min. Also you dont get gold or xp from him. It tracks your damage after the fight but that's it. And last thing with the boss, don't let your heroes die. Put heroes in, hit boss for a second or two, then leave. He has 48 million health and hits for about 4-6k each hit and 11-12k for his ability.

And with the guild upgrades, size is what to focus on normally. Flags are a nice addition but wont do anything amazingly helpful. They cost shards to unlock 100 for the guild to buy and after that you have to unlock it again to get more. Here's where it gets tricky, you buy the 100 and the shards come out of your guild funds for that, but after that each guild member can buy flags out of the 100. They use the shards they have donated. Each flag costs 1 shard but it doesn't take it from the guild funds, it goes off the value of the shards you have given.

Overall there are a lot of possibilities with guilds, but it will take time for igg to give us everything we want. Oh and dalco....get back to farming shards for shinra!!! ;-)

Posted on 11/20/13 5:48:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for this very helpfull info!
Already learned alot about guilds, without having them yet haha!

Thanks! If you have more wisedom please share!!

Posted on 11/20/13 10:10:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well just glad I can help a bit. Well here is some more info on the guild side of it. First two pictures are the rankings, wealth and might. Wealth is the total amount of shards donated into your guild even if you have spent it, so you don't lose your place if you spend shards, just if people pass you up *shakes fist at Ares* and we arnt really sure what the might ranking goes off of. It is possibly glitched out which wouldn't surprise me.

The third picture is what the menu for the guild hall looks like, and as you upgrade it you are able to hold more flags, and it looks better, cause that's all that matters ;-) the fourth and fifth pictures are the main guild list. There is a way to tell if your guildies are online as well, compliments of prestine :-P If you look at the pictures that say 1 day or 3 days etc, it shows how long its been since they have been logged in.

The last three pictures are about donating shards. The first shows the message box when you donate. And the second shows the donation page. It orders names depending on how many shards you have donated in the guild. Its a good way to see who helps the most and who is holding you back. And the last is the guild tab in chat. With iggs amazing chat still erases when you log off. So you wont be able to use it as a reliable way to talk to your guild, its strongly recommended that you find a chat app like kakaotalk to chat.

Anything you guys want info on? I can get more pictures or check up on things for you.

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Yes sir sensei kon!

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:-D dam right dalcow, you remember who made you what you are ;-) lawl

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very well made:victory:

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thanks :-D just glad it helps

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shinristory eh dalcow :-D

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Thx man. Just what I needed

Posted on 11/24/13 1:15:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Aww you spoiled all the fun ;D Thanks for showing us the guild function though!