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[Guild] Guild Features

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Posted on 12/15/13 10:15:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

As a guild leader, I would like to see a few features added in.

Guild Features
* Ability to mass mail the guild.

* Message of the day that pops up for guild members.

* Remove daily kick limit for Guild Leaders.

* More detailed Guild Rank Structure. Having the freedom and choice to have a Co-Leader, and other ranking options, and the ability to name the ranks whatever we wish. (This will give an RPG outlet for some, and originality for others like myself)
- Ability to give guild ranks options.  (i.e. Booting members, inviting players, changing MoTD, spending guild credits etc.)

* When visiting a guild members Village, have the ability to aid them by farming their gold or elixir, buff troops that are build in garrison, give a small defensive buff to buildings, or an offensive buff to the towers.
- You can control this by limiting the number of buildings you can support by 5 per guild member, per day.  Also you can support this feature by giving a small bonus to those players giving the aid by rewarding them.  They can get a small amount of gold or elixir from a mine, xp for other buildings.