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[Guild] I'm looking for a high ranked guild

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Posted on 12/21/13 1:05:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello and i'm looking fkr a high ranked guild obviously my last post was very similar its called "guild to join list" u should check it out and comment. Ok so i will say my info and the requirements to be a "high ranked guild" my info is:i have 3789 might i think, i play all the time (litteraly all the time), i donate a fair amout of credits and i am very friendly. Now the guild requirements (also in my last post) are: must be top 100 guild, active,friendly,anti-perv and dosnt kick people easily. I know it may be hard for me to be a member but i'm worth rececuting (u gotta belive it) and i think thats all i gotta say i know the requirements dont match the topic sooo yeah thats it and peace out *poof*

Posted on 12/21/13 4:04:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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if you want to be recruit, you have to list your main heroes,their level, arena rank and ur igg name.
if you have some legends with level 80++. many guilds leader will recruit and accept your appliant
btw, you dont have to make 3 same threads here..