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[Guild] join ClashLegendz

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We are a strong, growing guild looking for new members that are always willing to donate! We are rank 45 in might! Apply for us if you have 4500 might!

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Just joined, 10k might player, DDR1266.

Current heroes: Druid 99, succubus 95, pally 84, thunder god 82 for legendarys.  Executioner, serpent queen and Cyclopes all at 80, with 9 other classes at 60.

We don't yet have a website and since game chat is terribad, we're using this as our place to communicate until leadership has a dedicated guild site.

About me: currently leading player in might so I'll share what I know to help the guild along.

I have never spent a dime on the game, rank in the top 400 for arena and might typically.

Ima post a lot of ideas, but it's up to leadership to make official rules etc.

If on, feel free to talk to me, willing to help with anything in-game.

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Donations idea:

Suggestion: 50 shards to start with 50 due per week due every Sunday by midnight GMT.  If you are having trouble meeting this talk to me.  

Credits: allow a 20 shard credit for forum posters up to once per week.  forum posters make for better players, it makes for a stronger guild, reward it.

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Farming shards;

Only use the skull dungeons other dungeons are only for progression of heroes or to the next skull dungeon.

I farm 2s2, could do up to 4s1 but don't want to lose magic/troops.  Generally farm 90 shards/day.

If you are having trouble please ask.

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Gems, badges and shards:

The game is about balancing these three currencies basically, using them effectively makes you a better player.

In general gem usage:

Use gems to hire heroes until you have 4 or 5 legendary heroes, with the following exception: town hall level 8 buy a 3rd builder and town hall level 12 buy a 4th builder.

Once you have 4 legendarys: start changing out bad skills.  This can take a while....

In general badge usage:

this is for legendary leveling at the break points only, early on I was using this for heroes, what a waste.....

In general shard usage:

Get a Druid first, everything else is useless without a Druid at this time.  If you get one with gems great, next get a thunder god followed by a paladin, these 3 you want, the other two are negotiable, paladin is going to be required for boss fights, if you get atlanticore it can fill this slot, but only if it has a good skill. Keep up with guild donations of course.  Once you have a full team then start working on your class abilities, get Druid to 3rd first, after that can be negotiated pending skills and group composition.

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Might and how to advance:

Recent changes would change how I started.

You do not want to have your town hall outpace your heroes.  Spend those gems to get legendarys and level them ASAP, if you start having trouble with raiding other players then stop building activities, spend gold on leveling your walls and level your heroes, consider consuming weaker lower level heroes.

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Official daily boss time:

This needs to be decided, you need the whole guild aligned same time to have success.

note, lead with any toon with revive, once it dies, leave combat.  On the screen, start with revive toon in front, everyone else off to the side, you might not get them all out before leaving combat, this will be several quick combats, a few seconds each, expect to do 4 combats per minute for 30 minutes.

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Some general parameter suggestions:

Might minimum, 5000

Legendary requirement: three at 4 stars

Daily boss time: TBA

Initial donation: 50

Weekly donation: 50 (with 20 shard credit for any forum posts) due by midnight GMT Sundays

Minimum weekly boss damage: TBA

minimum town hall level: 12

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Event day ideas what 3 days in the week should the event be

Posted on 12/27/13 2:32:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Boss fight specific knowledge:

My setup:

60 ice demon with revive to start (go ahead, laugh if you want) he will take 2 hits from the boss, place him close.

Immediately after dropping him, already have finger over the 84 pally and drop him behind the boss, hold finger down to release the other toons, place this not RIGHt behind boss, but so pally has to take 1-2 steps to engage.

Other toons: Druid 99, succubus, 95, thunder god 82

The ice demon will take 2 hits it dies and revives, then I allow the pally to take one hit, leave immediately.  Damage done 20-40K

Cannot ever let the pally drop, that's why it only gets one hit, once it gets closer to 90 might let it take two.  Doing this consistently for 30 minutes should be at least 5 million damage.

If you have any toons with revive, lead with that.

He has a frontal Cleve attack, so your melee need to be high health or drop them behind boss.

KNOW exactly how many hits your approach can handle, mine is at three, yours might be two, if you can't get to at least two prolly not good enough.

Other toons: be SURE to take all heroes out of garrison, if someone drops you need to replace immediately.  Ranged are preferred on this fight, they will live longer.

Forget your class abilities, the fight is too short.  Heavy blow is good as a skill since it has a stun chance, revive is good for your leading toon.  Anything that helps do more damage immediately or stuns is very good.

Please post your results so ppl can learn from your mistakes, everything I wrote here was the result of many fails to get to.