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[Guild] join ClashLegendz

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Sunday's boss fights

Not close, but ppl are talking at least, question is, will I down it myself before we're all on same page, hehehe.  Doing 35K per bout, trending to 45K by the end.  Next time I'll be more careful with my revive toon, lost it once and cost me 12 minutes, can't have that.

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how do you get so many shards

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this is munchi in ur guild im trying to get legends but not sure how to get them

Posted on 12/29/13 9:33:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I get my shards solely from doing skull dungeons, Ignoring non-skull dungeons unless it's for progression.  Currently I use 4 heroes to clear 2s2 (second dungeon second skull) with guardians, usually takes one minute and might lose two or three guardians.  I will log on every hour and a half or so for ten minutes just to clear dungeons and arena.  If I have more time than that available will raid other players, popping any shield.  Currently using all gold for wall improvements, level 15 town hall so there's a lot of wall to update, about 14 million from completion.  I have 4 builders and right now all of them are on break until walls are complete.  Played since day one and never bought gems, free player all the way.

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To get legends read one of my earlier posts in this thread. Starts with gems, badges and shards.....